Year 1 at home!

Dear all year 1 parents and carers 


I hope all is well at home and you are enjoying your home packs!

I am putting together a list of words that you may help your children to learn, please could you support your children to read and write each word. This will support the phonics we have been learning in the classroom. These will be sent out to you shortly. Please could you email me on with your contact details. That way I can send you a list that is specific to your child. 

Please could you support your children to practice writing short sentences; using finger spaces between each word, capital letters at the beginning of sentences and full stops at the end of sentences. 

Children may also practice their letter and number formations. 


Please use the maths resources on this page. If you would like to share anything that you have done with your children then please send me an email on the year 1 email address. 


If you have any concerns or if you need any specific work sending home, please contact me on the email address above. 


Many thanks 

Miss Dwyer

KS1 maths activities. Watch the video and then try the activities. Either print the sheets or copy them on to a piece of paper. Enjoy!




Fabulous facts!

Phonics resources: