Year One.



Don't try to replace the school curriculum at home, there are lots of different ways that children can learn. Sometime spent doing English and Maths will definitely help but spending time listening to and telling stories, keeping active, developing their imaginations through play and spending time as a family are all just as important at this time. 

If you do have any question you can get in touch with me through the MyEd app or on the email address

Links to sites

* A great website where you can support your child to read at home is Oxford Owl Create a free log-in and explore e-books for your child to read, similar to those that are sent home from school.

* Another site to look at is Collins Big Cat. Go to Collins Connect and click on the teacher portal and enter


Password: Parents20!

* Phonics Play is a great website that we use in school to support the teaching of phonics and spelling. It is currently free to parents by using the following log in details:

username = march20 

password = home

The main phase to look at are phase 5 but it is also a chance to practice sounds from other phases that your child might be unsure of.

* Please click on the letter below for information about daily phonics lessons taking place online. These sessions are being delivered by English Hubs and are funded by the Department of Education. The sessions follow the same scheme (Letters and Sounds) that we use at OLV.

 Letter to parents & carers about online phonics lessons.pdfDownload
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As the weeks go on it is possible that your child will have more and more questions and maybe feeling more anxious even if they are not showing it. Here a couple of places to look if you would like any support around this. 

  • Jaime from Cosmic Kids Yoga has produced a useful YouTube clip for parents and children around using yoga to relive stress and manage anxiety
  • Headspace also have some videos on meditation that can that parents can do with younger children to help with managing anxiety and relieving stress
  • Imoves has opened their resource free to parents. I use this resource in class and it has some fabulous things on there. If you use the link below to create a parent account you will have access to lots of boredom busters and mental well-being activities.

Year One home learning super stars!

Learning Challenges 

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is ok and that everything is going well for you and your families. 

Please do keep having a go at the daily challenges and do get in touch with school by email of the MyEd app if you need anything.

Remember that as a school we have access to both Maths Shed and Spelling Shed. Both games can be accessed at The same login works for both sites. If your child has lost their login then please get in touch. 

I hope you are all keeping safe and well - missing you all lots. Keep safe, Miss Dwyer and Miss Earley x

Caterpillar Days

I loved looking after the caterpillars! 

It was great watching the butterflies fly away and even better that we got to hold

them for a little while.

This video shows how the caterpillar turns itself in to a chrysalis. The caterpillar wriggles of of it skin (it has done this four times already) and the chrysalis forms around its body. 

We managed to film one of the butterflies emerging from its chrysalis. You can see the colours of its wings through the casing of the chrysalis as it starts to push its way out. The butterfly uses lots of strength pushing its way out and needs to rest for a while after so its wings can unfold and dry out.

Time For A Story 

 Dawn Chorus Finished.mp4Download
 Dragon Bake Off Final.mp4Download
 Lion final Y1.mp4Download
 Stuck Video.mp4Download
 The Disgusting Sandwich.mp4Download
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Online Learning


Resources to support English at home.



Here are the daily challenges.

 Monday 22nd June - SPaG Mat.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 23rd June - SPaG Mat.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 24th June - SPaG Mat.pdfDownload
 Thursday 25th June - SPaG Mat.pdfDownload
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Here are the daily challenges. Firstly, watch the video here then complete the worksheets below.


You can also visit for some fantastic lessons from BBC Bitesize.

 Monday 22nd June - Counting to 100.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 23rd June - Tens and Ones.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 24th June - Comparing Number 1.pdfDownload
 Thursday 25th June - Comparing Numbers 2.pdfDownload
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I will be adding slides here with challenges on from all subjects in the curriculum including Science, Art and Religion. Maybe you could pick one a day to have a go at. Don't forget I'd love to see what you have been up to so send a picture if you can. 

Most of all have a good time doing these challenges - learning should always be fun!

Online learning opportunities 

  • If your feeling creative then look at Rob Biddulph is an author and illustrator who is doing draw-alongs for his characters. They are really easy to follow and great fun to do! 
  • The teachers at Diocese of Leeds Music have launched a weekly music session. The session will take place at 11am every Monday and can be found at

Past challenges 

Week beginning 15th June

 making doubles - 19th June.pdfDownload
 reading challenge 17th june.pptxDownload
 reading worksheet 17th june.jpgDownload
 worksheerts 16th june - Make Arrays -.pdfDownload
 worksheets 17th june - doubles.pdfDownload
 y1 KEY LEARNING practice 1.JPGDownload
 y1 KEY LEARNING practice 2.JPGDownload
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Week beginning 8th June

 English - 10th June.jpgDownload
 English - 11th June.jpgDownload
 English - 12th June.jpgDownload
 English - 8th June.jpgDownload
 English - 9th June.jpgDownload
 Maths - challenge worksheets 10th june.pdfDownload
 Maths - challenge worksheets 11th june.pdfDownload
 Maths - challenge worksheets 8th june.pdfDownload
 Maths - challenge worksheets 9th june.pdfDownload
 Maths - worksheets 10th june.pdfDownload
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Week beginning 1st June

 worksheets 1st June y1 maths.pptxDownload
 worksheets 2nd june y1 maths.pptxDownload
 worksheets 3rd june y1 maths.pptxDownload
 worksheets 4th june y1 maths.pptxDownload
 worksheets 5th june y1 maths.pptxDownload
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Week beginning 18th May

 maths worksheets 18th may.pptxDownload
 Sandwich y1.jpgDownload
 worksheets 20th may y1 maths.pptxDownload
 worksheets 21st may y1 maths.pptxDownload
 worksheets 22nd may y1 maths.pptxDownload
 Y1 Eng 19th May.jpgDownload
 y1 eng 20th may.jpgDownload
 y1 eng 21st may.jpgDownload
 y1 eng 22nd may.jpgDownload
 y1 maths 21st may.jpgDownload
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Week beginning 11th May

 book review.pptxDownload
 Worksheets 13th May Maths.pptxDownload
 Worksheets 15th May Maths.pptxDownload
 y1 Eng 12th May 1.jpgDownload
 y1 Eng 12th May 2.jpgDownload
 y1 Eng 13th May.jpgDownload
 y1 eng 14th may.jpgDownload
 y1 Eng 15th May.jpgDownload
 Y1 Eng Mon 11th 1.jpgDownload
 Y1 Eng Mon 11th May 2.jpgDownload
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Week beginning 4th May

 Stuck by Oliver Jeffers.pptxDownload
 Y1 Eng 4th May.jpgDownload
 y1 Eng 5th May.jpgDownload
 y1 eng 6th may 1.jpgDownload
 y1 eng 6th may 2.jpgDownload
 y1 eng 6th may 3.jpgDownload
 y1 Eng 7th May.jpgDownload
 Y1 maths 5th May.jpgDownload
 y1 maths 6th may 1.jpgDownload
 y1 maths 6th may 2.jpgDownload
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Week beginning 27th April

 Eng 1st May 2.jpgDownload
 Eng 1st May.jpgDownload
 Eng 27th April rapunzel.jpgDownload
 Eng 28th April rapunzel.jpgDownload
 Eng 29th April rapunzel.jpgDownload
 Eng 30th rapunzel.jpgDownload
 maths on the move.JPGDownload
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Dear all Year 1 parents and carers,

I hope all is well at home and you are enjoying your home packs!

I am putting together a list of words that you may help your children to learn, please could you support your children to read and write each word. This will support the phonics we have been learning in the classroom. These will be sent out to you shortly. Please could you email me on with your contact details. That way I can send you a list that is specific to your child. 

Please could you support your children to practice writing short sentences; using finger spaces between each word, capital letters at the beginning of sentences and full stops at the end of sentences. 

Children may also practice their letter and number formations. 

Please use the maths resources on this page. If you would like to share anything that you have done with your children then please send me an email on the year 1 email address. 

If you have any concerns or if you need any specific work sending home, please contact me on the email address above. 

Many thanks 

Miss Dwyer


Phonics resources: