Class Teacher = Miss Wallbank

Teaching & Learning Support = Mrs Bailey & Mrs Rafiq

 PPA Cover = Mrs Wilson, Madame Spence & Mr Simpson

As a result of the current school closures, I will be updating the class page regularly with activities and challenges for you to do at home. This is not an exclusive list and if you feel you want to do something else, then feel free!  You also have your home learning pack I sent home last week. I will be updating the Google Classroom too!

Below I will be listing websites that have lots of interactive games and activities:

Go Noodle - - this is a free online resource that encourages movement and good energy.

White Rose Maths - -  this is an excellent Maths resource that provides daily lessons video clip with associated work. 

MathsShed - - a very familiar resource to you! 

Pobble 365 - - this is a fantastic website that has a 'picture a day' and numerous activities to do. It will help you to develop your creative writing!

Classroom Secrets Kids - - this website is free and has numerous key learning skills that you can keep developing!

Twinkl Home Learning Hub - some brilliant resources about the change to routine. 

BBC Bitesize - use for learning guides and videos.




Please contact me via email with any queries or concerns.

Our class email is


Creative Project - Art/Music/Dance

Firstly, look through the Slideshow of information and make notes about Gustav Holst and his composition called 'The Planets'.

Then please spend some time listening to The Planets by Gustav Holst via this link: 

The full video is about 49 minutes long. Focus on two planets at a time/per day.

After you have listened to the music, please complete these tasks:

- Choose one of ‘The Planets’ to listen to. Draw a picture of whatever comes into your mind as you listen to the music. Think about what colours you should use to best reflect the mood the music creates.

- After you have completed the artwork, listen to the music again or your favourite planet. When you have the feel of the music, compose a dance to reflect the mood that is created by the music (e.g. for Mars, re-enacting a battle situation; for Saturn, slow, shuffling movements to represent old age). Make sure you record this and share it on Classroom, or Twitter, if you feel comfortable enough to! Remember to use your dance skills from PE last term!

Good luck!

Maths- Friday 27th March

Thursday 26th March

Wednesday 25th March

Tuesday 24th March

Monday 23rd March


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