Nursery Class


Class Teacher = Mrs Elliott

Early Years Practitioners = Mrs Crossley, Mrs Saide & Miss Brown

Early Intervention Support & PPA Cover = Miss Middleton




Below are some lovely activities to help support your child to continue to learn and have fun at the same time!






Phonics Play (  is a great resource for supporting your child. Your child should be working within Phase 1. Please click this tab on the left hand side of the window and allow your child to explore the fun games! This is currently free to parents if you use the following log in details: 

username = march20 

password = home



Below are a selection of great phonic videos that will also support your child's learning and development.

Our Learning Achievements ...

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

A key area of learning in Nursery class is 'Personal, Social & Emotional Development'. This is where children will build up relationships with key adults in our Foundation Stage and build up friendships with their peers. 

We support children's PSED through ensuring we have a nurturing and caring classroom. We focus on settling children in during their first few weeks in Nursery, getting to know the routines and exploring the fun activities that we have to offer.

Children will begin to develop skills required to share and turn take with their friends.

Communication & Language

We encourage children to communicate with adults / children in a way which suits their individual needs. This may begin through gesture and build up to communication through language. 

Children will develop their language at different abilities. The adults in class will model how to use standard English when communicating and to extend their sentences by modelling how to use words such as 'and', 'because'. 

Children will begin to answer questions which will initially focus on: who, what, where, when. This may be in relation to an action, a story or a conversation.

Physical Development

Children will begin to develop their physical skills on a gross motor scale. This will refer to exploring climbing using our trim-trail and climbing equipment as well as exploring different ways of moving such as jumping, skipping, walking on stilts and riding a tricycle bike. 

We begin by encouraging children to mark-make on a gross motor skill to develop their shoulder and elbow pivot movements. We can also support this through dancing. This will then prepare children to write on a small scale. 

You could help your child with this at home by drawing circular and line motions using chalk on the ground.