VE Day 75th Anniversary

Email your pictures to office@olv.bcwcat or the class emails that you have access to. 


VE Day Celebrations

Teacup Gallery

Design a VE day teacup Have a go at designing your own teacup. You could use this one below, or draw your own. You could make one from play-doh or use old cardboard boxes that you may have lying around the house. It is up to you. 

 VE day Teacup Design.pdfDownload
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War-time Sing a long- Carradines Cockney Sing-a-long

What's a great way of celebrating an occasion than singing! On Thursday 7th May there will be a virtual Sing-a-long at 11am specifically aimed at primary school children to commemorate VE day. Please click on the link below as there are already 3 videos been released so you can learn some popular songs from WW2.

VE day activity pack

Please find below an activity pack that you may use if you have your own tea party. It is a download that I found from Bletchley park which was used widely during WW2. It gives examples of recipes, decorations, party hats and much more.

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BBC VE day bunting

Follow the link for a guide on how to make bunting.

Mr T does History

Please find a link to a website that ensures children recognise and understand the importance of the event. There are two packs. One for Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2.