Year 1.

In Year One we look at three main creative topics, Awe and Wonder, Hot and Cold and At the Seaside. 

During our Autumn topic, Awe and Wonder, we build on the learning in Early Years and we explore the history of toys and the local area. 

We focus on the weather, seasons and how a tree changes throughout the year. We will learn about our senses and explore material, thinking about what different objects are made from. We will use these ideas to explore the work of Andy Goldsworthy, who focused on natural art. 

Our Spring topic, Hot and Cold, we compare Australia and Antarctica, answering the question of what Roald Amundsen found in Antarctica. We will focus on wild and flowering plants and identifying animals. We will have the opportunity to listen to Aboriginal music and make ice sculpture wax reliefs. 

During the summer term, our topic, At the Seaside, allows us to look at the seaside in the past, and question whether we should call Grace O'Malley  pirate. 

Year 2.

In Year Two we look at four main creative topics. They are: There’s No Place Like Home

                                                                    Let’s go exploring

                                                                    Into India

                                                                    Fire! Fire!

Autumn term’s topic is 'There’s No Place Like Home'. This topic gives the children an opportunity to think a little deeper about where they live and begin to think about the importance of the local history that surrounds them. During this topic the children will also develop thier knowledge of different maps - how to use them and how to make them. This topic is aimed at giving the children a sense of place and a feeling of belonging to the community around.

In the Spring term our topic is called 'Let’s Go Exploring'. Throughout this topic we will build on the children’s sense of place within the world as they learn more about the different countries and continents. The topic moves on to look at their place within the wider world and supports them in developing their sense of responsibility to look after the world for their own futures. The aim here is to develop the children’s sense of wonder at the world around them and encourage their aspirations to explore it. 

We will also focus on the explorer Ibn Battuta as part of this topic. This choice reflects the ever changing diversity of our school and recognises the importance of each individual and their role in society. 

Our final term is split into two topics. The first is called 'Into India' and will recap on the children's knowledge of Ibn Battuta with India being one of the mnay places he visited. The chidlren will learn about the physical geography of the country as well as drawing comparisons to where they live. The second of our topics in Summer term is called 'Fire, Fire!'. The topic is all based around a study of the Great Fire Of London. This topic encourages lots of historical discussion and questioning and is a great way for the children to explore cause and consequence. This topic also links back to the previous work done on London in Year One and so builds on and expands their learning. 

The topics covered provide an opportunity for the children to revisit and build on specific skills learnt throughout Year 1 and to begin to apply these in different contexts. The breadth of material available to accompany these topics means that links can be made with vocabulary and subject knowledge allowing children to learn through full immersion in a topic.