Year 1.


The three topics chosen in year 1 are Nature,  London and Under the Sea. Over the year will have a through the window topic. We will look closely at the changing seasons, what this means for our weather, the plants and trees around us and the wildlife we could expect to see. 

I love to teach these topics as I have a passion for the outdoors and wildlife. I strongly believe there is much to be explored in the local area and that wildlife inspires a natural curiosity in children. 

In Autumn, we will be exploring and learning about the wildlife in the United Kingdom. We will be learning about the importance and beauty of wildlife in their area. Our learning will be enhanced by building a bug hotel to encourage wildlife into our local area, making bird feeders and setting potato traps in the nature area. We will be learning about different habitats and what animals would live in these habitats. 

In Spring, we will be learning about our local area. This will allow children to compare and contrast the geographical features of what they have learned with another region in the United Kingdom (London). Children will be learning how to navigate simple bird’s eye maps around school, allowing them to become familiar with vocabulary that is used in geography. Our topic will be closely linked to our literacy which is based on Paddington Bear taking us around London. 

In the summer, we will be diving deep with our under the sea topic and learning about the oceans, what is underneath them and beaches around the UK. We will explore the British seaside, learning about its history and how it may have changed over the years. We are planning a trip to the seaside to enhance our learning.


Year 2.

Our Curriculum intent 

In Year Two our creative topics are: From Earth to Space

                                                          Dino Dig!

                                                          Fire, Fire!

                                                          All around us

These topics have been chosen, not only because I have a keen interest in them, but because children at this age have a natural curiosity towards dinosaurs and animals as well as wanting to understand more about space and the world they live in. These themes act as a hook to garner their interest and provide abundant opportunities to teach skills in context.

Autumn term’s topic is From Earth to Space. This topic gives the children an opportunity to think about the wider world and their place within it. The topic also allows them to see that they have a responsibility to look after the world for their own futures. The topic moves on to cover the first moon landings and the changes in history that this brought about. The children will also learn about Neil Armstrong and his place in history as well as the more recent achievements of Tim Peake. 

In the Spring term we have two topics. The first is Dino Dig where we focus on the amazing discoveries of Mary Anning and how this helped to change the position of women in this field of science. This topic also helps the children to develop their enquiry skills, as they have the opportunity to look at different artifacts. This skill is supported through our visit to Cliffe Castle. The second topic of Fire, Fire! is all based around a study of the Great Fire Of London. This topic encourages lots of historical discussion and questioning and is a great way for the children to explore cause and consequence. This topic also links back to the previous work done on London in Year One and so builds on and expands their learning. 

Our final topic is called All Around Us and begins with a science focus. The children will have the opportunity to explore the school grounds and visit places like Nell Bank in order to further their knowledge about local wildlife and habitats. Through this topic we also look at where our food comes from and this allows the children to have more of an appreciation for how food gets to the table. In the second part of this topic, we focus more on our local area and its history. As a school we feel it is important for the children to develop their understanding of where they belong early on so that this can be nurtured as they grow and revisit the learning. In Year Two we will focus on changes in houses and transport as well as looking at famous local writers, the Bronte’s. 

The topics covered provide an opportunity for the children to revisit and build on specific skills learnt throughout Year One and to begin to apply these in different contexts.  The breadth of material available to accompany these topics means that links can be made with vocabulary and subject knowledge allowing children to learn through full immersion in a topic.