Year 3.

Year 4.

Our Intent

In Year 4 we cover three topics. Rainforests, Tudors and Inventions. I teach these topics as I strongly have a passion for these subjects and through my enthusiasm and engaging manner of teaching, I inspire my class to become responsible learners. All curriculum subjects are delivered throughout using an immersive approach with new subject knowledge taught and the progression of skills built on from previous years.

Rainforests looks at a contrasting location to their own town and we compare how people live in their environment and how we live. It is necessary to recognise that there is life beyond our town.

Tudors is looked at as a turning point in British history. Being a Catholic school we very much have the Tudor dynasty to explain how we are today. Chronology plays a big part in that topic. It is also enhanced by a visit to a local monastery and incorporate local heritage.

Inventions brings us to where we have come from to where we are today. This is a heavily science related topic and the curriculum stems out from that emphasis. We also cover a project that incorporates our enrichment opportunity to the Yorkshire Dales to serve a purpose displaying and showing our work of our local area.

The Year 4 topics give a wide and varied experience for all its learners with the cultural capital enhancements within the local area including a residential and a monasteries that Henry VIII dissolved. Making them become creative thinkers, problem solvers and ready for life beyond primary school.


Year 5.

 Year 6.