Modern Foreign Languages - French


"Achieiving Together in God's Love."



As a School of Opportunity and Confidence, it is our intent at Our Lady of Victories to provide all of our children with a high-quality education in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), which develops their love of learning about other languages and cultures. Our current MFL taught is French, however we try to provide children with opportunities to experience other languages. As a School of Adventure, it is our intention to ensure that by the end of our children’s primary education, they have acquired an understanding of both spoken and written French, confidence to speak in French with others and know how important other languages can be in their future.  As a School of Love and Opportunity, we believe that all learning should be adapted to the needs of all children (SEN, EAL, more able, disadvantaged) and that the curriculum should be carefully planned to take account of everyone in the class so that all can succeed.


Our MFL curriculum is designed to develop not only our children’s language skills, but also their love of learning a language. It progressively develops language skills, through regularly taught lessons. This allows the children to acquire new language then use and apply it in a range of different scenarios and topics. Children are encouraged and supported to develop their speaking and listening skills through conversational work, singing activities and games. As their confidence and skill grows, children record their work through pictures, captions and sentences. All children in KS2 will have regular language lessons with a specialist language teacher. 


Our MFL curriculum will ensure all pupils develop key language learning skills set out by the national curriculum, as well as a love of languages and learning about other cultures.

These are as follows:

  •         understand and respond to spoken and written language from a variety of authentic sources
  •         speak with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity, finding ways of communicating what they want to say, including through discussion and asking questions, and continually improving the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation             
  •         can write at varying length, for different purposes and audiences, using the variety of grammatical structures that they have learnt         
  •         discover and develop an appreciation of a range of writing in the language studied

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