“Achieving Together in God’s Love”




As a school of community, we want to provide the children with the knowledge, skills and attributes they will need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society.  We are a school of confidence, and at Our Lady of Victories, it is our intent to provide a PSHE curriculum that helps children and young people to stay safe, be healthy and be prepared for life’s challenges and opportunities.   We believe that well taught PSHE, will help children to achieve their academic potential.  We recognise our role and responsibility to cover the statutory requirements of the Relationships and Health Education. 

As a School of Love and Opportunity, we believe that all learning should be adapted to the needs of all children (SEN, EAL, more able, disadvantaged) and that the curriculum should be carefully planned to take account of everyone in the class so that all can succeed.




Early Years

PSHE is a prime area and is planned for and taught on a daily basis.  Discrete sessions are also taught for certain topics including relationships and well-being.  Journey in Love helps to teach the statutory aspects of RSE. 

KS1 and KS2

We follow ‘Journey in Love’ to teach many statutory aspects of RSE but recognise that this doesn’t provide everything we feel our children need to know.  We use the PSHE Association programmes of study to help plan a broader curriculum which also covers health, relationships, economic well-being, careers and enterprise and personal safety education.  We strive to be a school of excellence and believe that this comprehensive curriculum will meet the needs of our children.  The programme of study develops knowledge and skills by revisiting, reinforcing and extending year on year. It arranges topics over three broad themes - Health and Well-being, Relationships and Living in the wider world. 

PHSE is taught in a variety of ways. We have discrete lessons and themed weeks.  Sometimes, we teach it in a reactive way to particular areas of concern or issues.   There are many cross curricular links with our Science, Computing, P.E. and R.E. curriculums too.

We recognise that themed weeks alone are not best practice for providing children with the knowledge and skills they need for school, out of school and in the future, and so aim to teach more regular discrete sessions each half term.



Our broad PSHE curriculum will give our children the skills and knowledge they need to 

  • Express themselves and be happy
  • Know how to keep themselves safe
  • Understand the importance of, and make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Be able to have good and healthy relationships
  • Know how they can have a positive impact on the wider community

Our PSHE Curriculum

Year 3’s trip to the woods - building friendship and teamwork skills

  Litter picking in the wider community

Learning how to keep safe online with PCSO Sammie

Delivering food from our harvest festival to the Good Shepherd Centre

  Reception - learning about road safety