Collective Worship - Our Class Saints

This year all our classes have named themselves after a saint.  They have thought very carefully about which saint they would like to have the qualities of.  Here are the saints each class chose.

Nursery - St Francis

Reception - St Patrick

Year 1 - St Theresa

Year 2 - St Michael

Year 3 - St George

Year 4 - St Francis

Year 5 - St Peter

Year 6 - St Therese

Each class have researched their saint and will celebrate their saints day by writing and leading a whole school worship.  

Year 2 shared with us the story of St Michael.  They showed us how he trusted God and made the right choice.  This is something we are all going to try and follow this year.

Year 6 shared with us what they had learnt about Saint Therese of Lisieux.  She was also known as 'the Little Flower' and wanted to show everyone that to please God all you have to do is do the little things in life right.  We will all try to do live out this message all year.  The children wrote some wonderful poems and you can read a sample of them on the Class 6 page.

Year 4 shared with us what they had learnt about Saint Francis of Assisi.  We learnt that he gave up all he had to follow God and help other people.  The children acted out a short play that explained some of the important parts of Saint Francis' life - it was excellent.  Saint Francis is truly an inspiration to us all.