Keighley Schools Together is a partnership of Keighley schools who work together to ensure that the children of Keighley get a good deal and the best start in life. We have common goals and a shared passion for safeguarding our children, working for the good of our community and delivering excellent teaching and learning. Membership is extended to all Keighley schools and, working with other stakeholders, we will make our town a better place to bring up children.

 Examples of our work.

 Together, we created the I Collect project which arose from our belief that all children in Keighley should have many wonderful and varied opportunities and experiences.

We provide children with opportunities to meet children from other schools and backgrounds through our Linking Communities work.

We are proud to be leading on the Keighley Imagination Library in partnership with Dolly Parton's Dollywood Foundation. This project will make a huge difference to our children by mailing books to the houses of all children between the ages of birth to five. We aim to register as many children to this project as we possibly can.

We join together for the good of our town on Remembrance Day parades, One Britain One Nation Day and look for opportunities where we can collaborate to raise the profile of Keighley.

Remembrance Sunday 2021

Linking Communities Cycling Event. November 2021.