Our Staff

Executive Headteacher - Mr J Devlin (DDSL)

Head of School - Mrs C Mitchell (DSL, assessment and computing )

Assistant Headteachers - Miss V Earley, Mrs R Los (All DDSL's) and Mrs L Fitchie

SENCO and LAC- Mrs R Los - PHSE lead , early help and mental health Lead

Office Manager - Miss S Jessop

Administrator - Miss L Greenwood


Teaching Staff

Nursery - Miss K Mallon (Lead Practitioner in Nursery)

Reception - Miss R Peers (Early Years Leader & Early Years Teacher, Early Reading and Phonics Leader, Maths Leader (Maternity Cover)

Year 1 - Miss V Earley (KS1 and Phonics, Reading and English Leader)

Year 2 - Miss L Bradley (PE Leader)

Year 3 - Miss B Hill

Year 4 - Miss J Dwyer (Science with Mr Ruane)

Year 5 - Mrs R Balson (RE Leader, Music Leader, Art Leader)

Year 6- Mr J Ruane (Creative Curriculum Leader- History, Geography, French with Madame Spence, Science with Miss Dwyer, Design and Technology)


Support Staff

Nursery - Mrs J Davidson, Miss M Cooper

Reception - Mrs F Kausar, Miss R Spencer, Miss C Smollen, Miss K Greenwood

Year 1 - Miss S Brown Mrs N Rafiq, Mrs C Boulby , Miss M Baird

Year 2 - Mrs N Pighills, Mrs B Ball, 

Year 3 - Miss C Clarkson, 

Year 4 - Mrs C Boulby, Miss S Maddocks

Year 5 - Mrs C Bailey, Mrs S Spence, Miss K Hickman, 

Year 6 - Mrs J Hale,  Mrs A Ellison,

Nurture Room - Mrs A Harper (Mentor)

Site Manager - Mr M Ferguson